Author Services


We publish great books! Our author services cover the publishing experience from manuscript to bookiversary events. Your publishing partner/editor will shepherd you through the process of bringing your story from draft to print.

To make this process an enjoyable one for our authors, we dedicate time and resources to a small (but growing!) calendar of releases each year. This means we cannot publish every manuscript that is submitted. However, we do offer a la carte services to help you polish and publish your work.

Contact us to discuss your manuscript & our process.

Why choose K&L

  • Fifteen years editing experience.
  • Design and layout experts on staff.
  • Print and ebook specializations.
  • Professional cover art.
  • Media Kit creation and assistance.
  • Website development and support.
  • Book signing & reading event planning.
  • We love new authors!



A seasoned copy editor will thoroughly proof and edit your manuscript and give you valuable feedback. Not just syntax, spelling, and grammar, but sentence structure, tone and consistency in characterization, dialogue, and story arc.

Cover Design

From the front to the back, our cover designers help you craft an eye-catching, expressive, incredible cover design to capture the imagination of your readers. We also entice them to crack it open and read more with carefully crafted descriptions.


Your book's interior style, including fonts, margins, headings, titles, and chapters, is designed for your readers. Our goal is to produce a seamless and simple reading experience that enhances your story.

Publishing Support

From the first proofs to the last paperwork filings, we can help you navigate the publishing process. You retain all copyrights to your work, and we'll coach you through gaining an entry at the Library of Congress, on, and more.


You're going to need consistent and creative ways to brand yourself as an author, and your worlds as imagination destinations. We can help you design and develop everything from bookmarks to a full-fledged website.


Once your've published, the work's just begun! We can help you create the materials you need in hand to approach local booksellers for shelf space, events, and ordering. We'll also help you map out a marketing plan you can handle.

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